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    XMini is the next-generation intelligent portable machine system. As a standalone tool or as part of an existing production system, it combines the flexibility and high dynamics of the articulated arm robot with the stiffness and accuracy of the rigid machine tool. XMini's all-carbon fiber construction makes it durable, lightweight and portable. Its small footprint allows it to go where other automated solutions cannot.

    Flexible Design

    Building on the strengths of existing automation tools, the agile XMini offers full 5-axis capability, with extreme acceleration and high accuracy. Three linear actuators provide a strong, rigid and flexible framework. A flexible head enables compound-angle operations at any angle. The head can even point back toward itself, allowing operations on all sides of a complex part in a single setup.

    XMini brings a full suite of automated manufacturing options to the workspace. It can be equipped with a 3D laser probe and tool changer to support machining, orbital drilling and assembly as well as laser cutting/welding and friction stir welding.

    Quick and Easy Workflow Integration

    XMini integrates into a production workflow within 72 hours without complicated logistics or configuration – and that includes a assembly. Its four lightweight modules can be hand-carried to a work cell by one or two people, and assembled in place with no special tooling or machinery. XFrame, a flexible design, customization and installation system, adapts XMini's frame system to any existing jig or fixture.

    XMini's automated calibration system, XCAL, greatly simplifies setup and part pairing. A newly installed XMini equipped with a conventional or 3D laser probe automatically moves over a part, takes measurements and adjusts programming data accordingly before operations begin.
    Multiple XMinis can sync to operate cooperatively on multiple sections or parts.

    Bring the Machine to the Part

    The days of reconfiguring a workspace around an immovable machine are over. The modular and lightweight XMini easily moves around the factory to support new or changing production environments.
    Take it apart and reassemble it in spaces inaccessible to traditional machines, such as aircraft wing b oxes and complex manual jigs and fixtures.

    Machine specifications

    Article No 121-100-4-301-W58
    Max Speed Ax1 m/min 60
    Ax2 m/min 60
    Ax3 m/min 60
    Ax4 rpm 37
    Ax5 rpm 37
    Max Speed X/Y/Z m/min 150/150/60
    Max Acc. X/Y/Z m/s2 30/30/10
    Travel Ax1 mm 300
    Ax2 mm 300
    Ax3 mm 300
    Rotation Ax4 deg ±360
    Ax5 deg -4/+115
    Positioning Accuracy micron +/-10
    Repeatability micron <5
    Spindle No HT 114.15 A 30 CHIKPVW
    Tool Interface HSK-E40
    Tool Lubrication MQL through Tool*
    *Option 80 bar High Pressure
    Type of Bearings / Lubrication Ceramic Ball / Grease
    Diameter mm Ø114 h6
    Length mm 440
    Distance from Ax5 to Spindle Interface mm 110
    Max Speed rpm 20,000
    Base Speed rpm 10,000
    Power S1-100% kW 11.5
    S6-40% kW 15
    Torque S1-100% Nm 11.1
    S6-40% Nm 14.3
    Module weight kg 250
    Controller Siemens 840D Solution Line
    Base Frame XFrame Customized