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    New concept machine that dramatically improves machining efficiency

    It is critical to reduce the non-cutting time and minimize changeovers of a machine to increase efficiency. Reducing the number of changeovers reduces dimensional errors caused by multiple set ups as well as time. Our parallel link machine allows one time setup for machining of five surfaces, and easily handles compound angle machining.

    The parallel link module can be utilized on all sizes of parts, either in a standard machine tool set up, or designed into special applications to machine large components.

    Geometric accuracy / Machining accuracy

    It has a high-rigid roller screw and a temperature compensation on each axis, with highly accurate positioning and repeatability.


    We have succeeded in combining the high accuracy of machine tools and the flexibility of robots.

    Dimensional Tolerance (Repeatability)
    X-direction 1μm
    Y-direction 1μm
    Z-direction 1μm
    Θ-direction 1μm

    The actual cutting conditions may change depending on room temperature, work material, cutting tools and cutting conditions.

    Accuracy of circular interpolation

    The XT500S1 exceeds the NAS979 standard test specifications by far.

    NAS979 Standard

    The XT500S1 exceeds the NAS979 standard test specifications by far.

    The parallel link machine with high-speed and smooth movement

    By incorporating our own parallel link mechanism, we have achieved both accurate and larger cutting angle range. The newly developed driving mechanism allows the three arms to be cooperatively controlled, which in turn allows the use of smaller motor with fast position accuracy. Our target is to service customers who require high-speed, high accuracy equipment for higher efficient automated production lines.

    The stroke of XT500S1

    The stroke of XT700S1

    Spindle torque / output-speed diagram

    Our spindles are designed for high-speed and high torque, capable of cutting materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium.

    Machine specifications

    XT500S1 XT700S1
    Machine size footprint mm W3,500×L4,420×H3,200 W4,600×L5,860×H3,300
    machine weight kg 12,000 14,000
    module weight kg 1,300 2,300
    Stroke AX1 mm 500 700
    AX2 mm 500 700
    AX3 mm 500 700
    AX4 deg ±360 ±360
    AX5 index range deg -7/+130 -5/+130
    Max speed AX1 m/min 27 30
    AX2 m/min 27 30
    AX3 m/min 27 30
    AX4 rpm 37 30
    AX5 index range rpm 45 35
    Spindle tool shank HSK-E50 HSK-A63
    MAX speed rpm 24,000 18,000
    output kw 20 35
    torque N・m 20 35
    Motor Output AX1/AX2/AX3 kw 9.1 15.6
    AX4/AX5 kw 2.55 3.54
    index kw 2.29 2.29
    ATC kw 1.7 1.7
    NC Device controller Siemens 840D SL Siemens 840D SL
    Power source electric power consumption 160A 55kVA for 200V supply
    80A 55kVA for 400V supply
    200A 70kVA for 200V supply
    100A 70kVA for 400V supply
    required air Mpa 0.5(300ℓ/min) 0.5(300ℓ/min)
    chiller tank supplies L 36 36
    hydraulic unit 7.0Mpa 26cm3/rev 7.0Mpa 26cm3/rev
    Automatic tool changer tool storage Tools 18(*36tools) 18(*36tools)
    tool model HSK50 HSK63
    max tool diameter mm 63 120
    max tool length mm 200 300
    max tool weight kg 2 4
    selection of tool method addressing addressing

    Items marked with * are options.


    XT500S1 XT700S1
    Index table table diameter mm 600 600
    minimum angle of indexing
    loading accuracy ±5“ ±5“
    maximum loading capacity kg 150 150
    Coolant device low-pressure pump 90L/min 0.10Mpa(50Hz)
    90L/min 0.14Mpa(60Hz)
    90L/min 0.10Mpa(50Hz)
    90L/min 0.14Mpa(60Hz)
    high-pressure pump 21L/min 1.6Mpa(50Hz)
    29L/min 1.6Mpa(60Hz)
    21L/min 1.6Mpa(50Hz)
    29L/min 1.6Mpa(60Hz)
    tank capacity L 285/45 285/45
    Peripheral devices chiller 4.5kw 3ℓ/min 4.5kw 3ℓ/min
    transformer V 200→400 200→400

    TOTAL support

    At GKM, we have a strong, reliable customer support system in place for our customers.

    Technical Support

    GKM will help to solve our customer's technical challenges, such as machining methods, tools, cutting conditions and programs etc...

    Safety check service

    To maintain the stable operations and performances of machines, GKM provides the engineering support for maintenances and inspections in which places that customer cannot check ordinarily.

    On-site Service

    GKM service engineers will support with periodic maintenance, or any other on-site servicing in need.

    Application example