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    We must quickly read the rapid changes in society and international information, and flexibly respond to them. GKM aims to develop high-quality technologies that ensure customers to use such technologies for a long time. Based on our philosophy "make a future by advanced technology", we look at ourselves from a perspective of customer. We do our best to promptly and accurately provide our customers the products and services that incorporate new technologies leading to the next generation of the customers.

    GKM CO., LTD
    Susumu Maenami, President

    Company profile

    Trade name GKM CO., LTD
    President Susumu Maenami, President
    • Head Office
      3-2 Shimoshimizu-machi, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1238 MAP
      TEL.+81-761-51-5720 FAX.+81-761-51-5830
    • Technical Center (at BBS Kinmei CO., LTD)
      4-12 Asahigaoka, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-0004MAP
      TEL.+81-76-272-5223 FAX.+81-76-272-5224
    • GKM CO., LTD(Giken America Corp.)
      6147 Red Winesap Way, Dublin, Ohio 43016
      TEL.+1-614-876-1824 FAX.+1-614-876-1843
    Foundation August 27, 2010
    Business field
    • Transfer System for Heavy Weight, Machine Tools, Precision Equipment, Parts related to Industrial Robots, Manufacturing, Sales, Import and Export of Equipment.
    • Act for a trade service agent, broker and information service trader.
    • Any business incidental to the preceding items

    About GKM

    GKM was founded in 2012 as a joint venture through joint investment of Giken CO., LTD. (GIKEN) and BBS Kinmei CO., LTD.(BBS KINMEI) . In January 2021, GKM became a wholly owned subsidiary of Giken Co. Ltd. in order to improve management efficiency.
    We entered into a license contract of Manufacturing and Sales with Exechon (Swedish-based company). Giken is mainly in charge of sales and BBS Kinmei is in charge of manufacturing. Based on Exechon's parallel kinematics processing technology, advanced 5-axis control, we manufacture and sell parallel link modules.

    GKM CO., LTD. was born out of BBS Kinmei, that is pursuing processing technology and precision of Machine, which realizes automation and labor saving of production lines of all industries.
    Utilizing many technologies and know-how that we have developed so far, we will propose the appreciation of the flexibility and high rigidity of parallel kinematics machine in a wide variety of applications.

    About Giken

    About BBS Kinmei


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    TEL.+81-761-51-5720(business hours weekday AM 9:00 - PM 5:00)

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